Wotgamer cheat modpack 9.18 – v0.34 26MB


If you would like me to add new mods in this pack please leave comment below.

How to install mod?

This mod could be forbidden, read more about Risk Disclaimer

Download “Wotgamer modpack” wotgamer-modpack – Downloaded 19541 times –

Recommendation for this modpack is Tundra

Download “Tundra” 1N2fY9 – Downloaded 80555 times –

Is there any Way to Cheat in World of Tanks?

Yes, there are alot of ways of getting an unfair advantage in WoT. You have scripts that will automatically play matches for you and make silver when you are a sleep, and you have aimbots that will automatically aim your gun at enemie. However, there are NO Silver hacks, gold adders, XP cheats or anything of that sort so don’t be naive couse you could end up losing your account.

Is it legal to Cheat in WoT and will I get banned from the game if I do it?

While cheating in games is legal and has been for thousands of years, you can indeed get banned from the game for doing so. If you are being quite obvious about your sahdy activities, then people will most likely report you and your account may get reviewed by a game moderator and if you are unlucky, banned permanently. The only other way to get yourselves banned is to put your videos on youtube or upload replay to other websites.

How much do World of Tanks Bots or Cheats cost?

You are looking at around 10 to 20USD per month for most bots and hacks but that usually gets detected within days and may get your account banned before you even start getting benefits. Wotgamer cheat modpack is free premium modpack and it will always stay that way and you will get every month new fresh version that will have detection protection so World of Tanks can’t see that you are cheating.

What is WoT Aim Bot?

World of Tanks bots are programs that will take control of your aiming and perform automated tasks. Bots can be quite effective at hitting targets and will let you unlock higher-tier tanks a lot faster if used right. Especially at the lower levels of play (low tier battles) bots can be quite effective, since the repair costs are not as high.

AimBots are in their essence not detectable, since they generate user input and do not inject or change code in the game client. However, if other players are able to tell that you are using a aimbot, then you might still get reported to the game mods manually and your account might still be in danger. However, looking natural in WoT is pretty easy, since players do the silliest things anyways. But as always we recommend that you do not use aimbot 24/7, but turn off your aimbot from time to time.


  1. i installed you latest mod. and it works great. but i have a problem when researching modules, it just keeps on loading but cant get through. how to fix this?

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