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T 29

Sometimes no matter how many new tanks are added the originals are still timeless such as the T7 American heavy the T29; one of the most powerful tanks tier for tier in the game.

Generally considered one of the best tanks of its tier, if not downright overpowered, the T29 is a solid combination of firepower, armor and mobility. Stock, it comes with the inefficient 76 mm M1A2 gun, but can immediately equip the powerful 90 mm M3 gun if it was researched previously from the M6, which will prove sufficient against most opponents it faces while the tank advances down the upgrade path. The 105 mm gun that you are able to mount later is very powerful and lethal, as it can penetrate almost any tank in its tier and still can penetrate some higher tier tanks and can pack quite a punch. The most notable feature of the T29 is its large and extremely well-armored turret, strong enough to bounce shots even from tier 9 tanks if faced frontally and with good angling. For this reason, the T29 performs exeptionally well when placed in a hull-down position. The frontal hull armor of the T29 is also quite robust if angled properly.

Pros and Cons

  • Extremely thick and rounded frontal turret and mantlet armor: even gold ammo from tier 9 tanks will have trouble penetrating.
  • Strong upper glacis can bounce up to 175mm penetration shells when angled.
  • Good gun handling.
  • Great gun depression that works well with the hull down philosophy.
  • 105mm gun will provide excellent penetration at tier VII with fast aim time, good alpha damage, and steady ROF.
  • Mediocre full-aimed accuracy and unimpressive DPM.
  • Large silhouette from all angles – although this is not a problem from the front, an arty can easily hit your engine deck
  • Lower glacis is easily penetrated by even 75mm guns, and the flat side armor is often penned if overangled.
  • Extremely accurate or lucky fire can penetrate top cupola if gun depression isn’t used to hide it.


The T29, although capable of leading an assault, can be very hard to coax out of a defensive position if it keeps its hull hidden and only exposes its strong turret. If put into a tier 8 or higher battle, it will have more difficulty avoiding damage unless it is put in a hull-down position. The turret armor can bounce almost any shell and fight back with good results. The T29 does need to attempt to keep all of it’s opponents inside of a relatively small arc in front of its armor to control the fight though. The T29 is somewhat slow although its acceleration is acceptable once the engine has been upgraded, making it somewhat less swift than German/Russian offerings on flat ground but not behind most player packs. Therefore, it is highly advised to research the 90mm gun first if you have not already, and then research mobility upgrades to increase responsiveness. If you did not research the 90mm gun on the M6, and you have no free exp to use, then this tank virtually hamstrings teams as the stock 76 mm prevents a (typically high on the battle listings) heavy from performing a key aspect of its role against its equals on the other team.

The T29, while not as notorious as the IS/IS-2 for its alpha damage, is often considered by many as one of the most powerful Tier 7 vehicles due to its acceptable mobility, powerful and well-handled gun and extremely resilient turret armor. While its hull armor is obviously weaker, the side armor and thick tracks is still enough to employ side-scraping tactics and its front hull can resist low-tier guns up to 175mm penetration. In comparison to other Tier 7 hull armor, only the Tiger(P) and Black Prince (as well as the premium IS-2) have any reasonable hull armor.

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