Sela’s mods 9.14


Compatible with World of Tanks Game Version 0.9.14
Complete overhaul of XVM configuration in playersPanel, statisticsForm, and battleLoading as well as vehicleNames
Updated session stats, contour icons, team HP, and damage panel; removed HD minimaps (RIP Locastan)
New versions of OTM Reload and White Dead Tanks
As always, please report any crashes or other issues!

  1. Make a backup of your “res” and “res_mods” folder in “..GamesWorld_of_Tanks”
  2. Delete the “res_mods” folder in “..GamesWorld_of_Tanks”
  3. Copy the contents of the “1. Mod Files” folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory (“..GamesWorld_of_Tanks” )
  4. This means “res_mods” AND “res”!
  5. Merge & overwrite when prompted
  6. Register at every 14 days
  7. If you have not already installed the Damage Log font, please do so now; it is located in “Alternate FilesFontsDamage Log”
  • XVM v6.1.4 Nightly Build 4784
  • SeaFalcon’s Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog (updated by sela)
  • Safeshot
  • Chat History
  • Accurate Damage Indicator
  • Enemy Direction Box
  • Korolin’s Contour Icons
  • Sabrewing’s Session Stats
  • Armagomen’s Team HP Pools
  • soloviyko’s Damage Panel
  • PMoD v18-0
  • sela’s configs
  • Manually log out and save your login server by selecting it (as opposed to leaving it on Auto)
  • Toggle SafeShot (i.e. to shoot an allied tank) by holding down the left Alt key
  • To enable/disable Allied Tank Outlines, hit Num 1
  • Auto-equip/de-equip Binocs/Camo Net/Toolbox using F3
  • Spotted XVM Players Panel Markers:
    • Red frowney face= never spotted
    • Yellow meh face = was spotted but is not currently spotted
    • Green smiley face = currently spotted

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