QuickyBaby 110 – Tank Review


The T8 Chinese heavy tank the 110 gets the QuickTank Review treatment!

From the mid-1940s to the 1950s, Soviet engineers attempted to modernize the IS-2 tank. The IS-2U variant, developed in November 1944, was conceived to have a reinforced frontal hull with a plate configuration resembling that of the IS-3. In the mid-1950s the design project was passed to China and became the basis for further Chinese tank development.

Pros and Cons

  • Very bouncy front hull and the upgraded turret is very tough
  • Strong pike nose armor has good ramming quality against medium or light tanks, with a rather strong lower plate
  • Good top speed and mobility for a heavy
  • Above average accuracy, rate of fire, and DPM
  • View port blocks potential weak spot
  • Front pre-angled hull becomes very weak if you angle it
  • Weak side armor; does not have spaced side armor like the IS-3
  • Very brittle fuel tanks that easily catch fire
  • Poor gun depression, although it surpasses the IS-3
  • Expensive shell for a 100mm gun

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