Put Enemy Balls Inside a Hole… Wait What? – IS 8-Ball


World of Tanks Moon Mayhem Special Event. World of Tanks April Fools 2016 Special Event. World of Tanks IS 8-Ball Gameplay.
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Today, once again, I have something new for you! Yet another new series on my channel and it is called “The Last Stand”. As I said in the video, I do not know if this is the best name for the series… so if you have any ideas, let me know!
It the first, pilot episode, we are trying to find out which tank is The King of Derp, 15 KV-2s are going to fight with 15 O-I’s. Patch 9.14 was simply the best update for that kind of series… Those sounds, O, M, G! 😛

I really do hope you enjoy this epic action and please give me feedback!


Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet IS 8-Ball
Mods DezGamez use:
Aslain’s modpack

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