9.22 ProAim AimBOT By Makct


ProAim AimBOT mod auto aim enemy tanks, look for weak spots, and auto leads.

What really is ProAim AimBOT?

ProAim AimBOT is advanced aiming system for people want to cheat or want to learn the weak spots on tanks. This ProAim AimBOT auto aim system will help you learn where to shoot tanks and their weak spots. It is something like tank on autopilot you point your gun around target and right click it, bot will take over your aiming and try to find weake spots on tank then all you need to do is shoot.

Advantages and disadvantages of using ProAim AimBOT system

First of all you are risking to get banned from the game and losing your account.
Second is if you rely only on ProAim AimBOT you probably will never learn to play and enjoy the game by your self.
If you really want to use this mod then use it in training with your friends to see where aimbot aims and leads in front of target learn from that, later on you can do it by yourself in real battle.
Do you want to learn how to play?

This mod could be forbidden, read more about Risk Disclaimer

Download “ProAim AimBOT By Makct” proaim-aimbot-by-makct – Downloaded 7143 times –

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