No Fair Play Policy, No BAN!


With the recent witch hunts being announced from wargaming cheats will be banned etc.

I am guessing that the only real way they can tell what is being loaded into your game and the EASIEST way for them to see is to grab your python log , we know they are able to do this for sure.

As most of you know we use the python log for error helping and problem solving which it does a great job , but it also lists everything(well not really) that you are loading into the game so its also an ideal way to catch cheaters and the easiest for them to use if they want to do a cull of sorts .

so this little method stops anything being written to the python log so if they do retrive your log it will be a blank file or contain a little message that you might want to put in there 😉

first off open your python log up and delete everything in there so its a blank document , then save it. The phyton log is in games/world_of_tanks

Q: I followed the steps, thank you very much for the information. The doubt I have is that if I can now use the mod tundra without fear?

A: If they use the python log method to see who is using what , then yes if nothing is written in your log they cant see anything , seeing that you have a blank python log will signal that you have taken steps to stop them looking but a simple reply would be , that you dont know how it became write protected 🙂 but if they ask you why it is , its a sure signal that this is the method they are using , cant ban you for something you are unaware of , and write protecting a file on your pc is hardly a crime.


  1. And what stops them to have a server side log? The game process communicates the sha256 hash of every file it loads at startup to the server and it will be compared to a known database. Also, what stops them to modify the game so if 3 consecutive attempts to write to the log failes, the game will disconnect you from the server with an error message.

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