Listing all mods 9.18 for World of Tanks

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Mod Title + download linkVersionCategorydescriptionRead more
PROTanki modpack9.18ModpackRead more
QuickBaby's Modpack9.18ModpackRead more
x30 Zoom In/Out Mod By Koshnaranek9.18Zoom In, Zoom Out
Hawg XVM9.18XVM
Dispersion Circle9.18CrosshairShow you dispersion of your gun.
Tundra Script & BlackSky By Makct9.18Cheats, treeRemoves trees, leaves, bushes
Aimbot AutoAim by SAE9.18Aimbot, CheatsAuto aim on your target + lead.Read more
Repair Extended9.18Cheats, Automatic, RepairRead more
X-Ray9.18Cheats, X-RayRead more
EasyAmbush9.18CamoAutomaticaly calculate will you be spoted when shooting or not.Read more
[ZJ] Direction box9.18Cheats, DirectionShows marker when enemy tanks is aiming in your directionRead more
Simple Direction Box By Lporti9.18Cheats, DirectionShows marker when enemy tanks is aiming in your direction (Direction box light)
Direction Box By lportii 3 color9.18Cheats, DirectionShows marker when enemy tanks is aiming in your direction (Direction box 3 color)
[ZJ] AimBot-Shaytan9.18Aimbot, CheatsAuto aim on your target + lead.Read more
[ZJ] Re-Load Marker9.18Cheats, reloadRead more
Aslain's XVM mod9.18XVMRead more
Wotspeak modpack9.18ModpackRead more
Contoured Hitzone Skins by Korean Random9.18Contour, Hitzone Skins, WeakspotRead more
[ZJ] ContourLook9.18ContourRead more
Solo's Easy Modpack Installer9.18ModpackRead more
Hit Zones With Zoom Effect By ProTanki9.18Hit zoneHit zones skins is activated only when you are aiming on the tank. (sniper mod)
ProAim AimBOT By Makct 9.18Aimbot, CheatsAuto aim on your target + lead.Read more
Red Pole By Stealthz9.18Red poleMark last spoted enemy location
arty red ball9.18Arty, red ball, ArtilleryRead more
Vanga AimBot 9.18Aimbot, CheatsAuto aim on your target + lead.Read more
YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session stats9.18Stats, Session StatisticsRead more
EasyTundra By Bosomi9.18Cheats, treeRead more
DrWebber Tundra9.18Cheats, treeRead more
Multi Color Chameleon By Stealthz9.18Chameleon, Skin
Warlance Red Ball9.18Arty, red ball, ArtilleryMark last spotted location of any tank (good for arty)
Automatic Extinguisher9.18Cheats, Automatic, RepairRead more
Laser9.18Cheats, laserRead more
Penetration Calculator By Ekspoint9.18Penetratio
Minimap Gun Direction9.18MinimapRead more
SafeShot9.18Safe shotRead more
Battle Stats By PolarFox9.18XVM, statsStats without XVM
White death9.18White death, skinRead more
Modification Destructible mod – Destruction mod9.18Cheats, DestructionRead more
Jove modpack9.18ModpackRead more
Tracers9.18TracerRead more
J1mB0's Crosshair Mod9.18Crosshair
Colored Contour Icons by Riskynet9.18Colored Icons, ContourRead more
Hitzones from Pro Tanki9.18Hit zone, skin
Anime skin9.18SkinRead more
Weakspot Skins Shaded9.18Hitzone Skins, WeakspotRead more
Webiums Premium Modpack9.18ModpackRead more
The Relhax Modpack (ex OMC Modpack)9.18ModpackRead more
Hit Zones By Tankagroh9.18Hitzone Skins, WeakspotRead more
OldSkool's ProMod9.18ModpackRead more
AutoAIM And Snapping By Chodak Krzysztof9.18Aimbot, Cheats,Auto aim on your target + lead.Read more
Contour Icons Risky Style9.18Colored Icons, ContourRead more
Team HP Pool By Armagomen9.18HPRead more
Sixth Sense9.18sixth senseRead more
Amway921 ModPack9.18ModpackRead more
Armor thickness by Andre_V9.18Armor thicknessRead more
Aslain's Modpack Installer9.18ModpackRead more
Ogre AimBot9.18Aimbot, Cheats, Hack packAuto aim on your target + lead.Read more
Paint Ball Mod9.18Hitzone, paint ballRead more
GeeMod 9.18ModpackRead more
The Tundra - Darkteam9.18Cheats, treeRead more
Wotgamer Light pack9.18ModpackOnly xvm and team HP poolRead more
Wotgamer cheat modpack9.18Aimbot, Cheats, Hack pack, Modpack, reload timerRead more
Arty Splash9.18ArtyCreate sphere of stun area.Read more
J1mB0's XVM Config9.17.1XVMRead more
Battle Assistant9.17.0.3Arty, ArtilleryRead more
Arty Reload Timer9.17.0.3Arty, Reload Timer Read more
ServerCross29.17.0.3CrosshairRead more
XVM Config by night_dragon
Commander's Camera9.16CameraRead more
HP on minimap9.16HP, minimapRead more
Aimbot Blackwot 9.16Aimbot, Cheats, Blackwot Auto aim on your target + lead.Read more
Session stats9.15.2Stats, Statistics
FV4202 Remodel (WT import)9.15.2Remodels, Skin
M46 Tiger Remodel9.15.2Remodels, Skin
Ram II HD Remodel9.15.2Remodels, Skin
Type 64 HD Remodel (2nd Version)9.15.2Remodels, Skin
KV-2 HD Remodel Update, Skin
Damage indicator9.15.2Damage IndicatorRead more
Wizard's Contours9.15.2Contour
milkym4n's contours9.15.2Contour
Darkteam - X-ray9.15.2Cheats, X-Ray
Plazmakeks mod pack9.15.2Aimbot, Cheats, Hack pack, Modpack, reload timerRead more
Efficiency And WN8 Calculator (10 variants), eff, Stats
Elkano's XVM Config9.15.1.1XVM
Inkognito Damage Indicator By Dikey93 Indicator
Sniper View For Arty, Arty View For TD's, Free Camera9.15.1.1Arty, Sniper, Free Camera
Distancing the Camera (zoom out mod)
XVM (Please see XVM notes below) XVM
WoW Style XVM9.15.0.1XVM
wn8+eff+dmg9.15.0.1wn8, eff, Stats
Noskills National Voice Packs9.15.0.1Voice, Sound
Noskills National Voice Packs9.15.0.1Voice, Sound
Johny_Bafak's vertical tech tree9.15.0.1Tech tree
Milkym4n's Enhanced Camouflage9.15.0.1Skins, Contour
Etienne's Flying Circus camo mod9.15.0.1Skins
WG Rating Without XVM9.15.0.1Rating
p0st m0ds9.15.0.1ModpackRead more
Anfield's modpack9.15.0.1ModpackRead more
Circonflexes Modpack9.15.0.1ModpackRead more
Blue_Stealth's mod pack9.15.0.1Modpack
Sela's mod pack9.15.0.1ModpackRead more
TNTomer's MODPack9.15.0.1Modpack
Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker9.15.0.1Minimap, spam
HD Minimap (formerly locastan)
Minimap tankview9.15.0.1Minimap
Info Panel9.15.0.1Info Panel
Colored Hitzone Skins Skins, Weakspot
Hitzones (Penetratrion zones) by Nooben9.15.0.1Hitzone Skins, Weakspot
Hitzones (Penetratrion zones) by BadBoy789.15.0.1Hitzone Skins, Weakspot
Denty's Hitzone skins9.15.0.1Hitzone Skins, Weakspot
Elkano's Received Damage Announcer9.15.0.1Damage Announcer
MeltyMap's MathMod9.15.0.1CrosshairRead more
BlackWot Shadow By Polar Fox9.15.0.1Cheats, Shadow, Blackwot
OTM Reload By WoTSpeak9.15.0.1Cheats, reload
Blackwot Reload timer9.15.0.1Cheats, reload
CaKe2000 Hack Pack9.15.0.1Cheats, Cheat Pack
KehoBlue Hack Pack By Soulza9.15.0.1Cheats, Cheat Pack
Mav's Clan Message Center9.15.0.1Chat
Mav's Ultra Fog Remover9.15.0.1Better FPS
Gox Hack Pack9.15.0.1Aimbot, Hack Pack, Cheats, Read more
b4it9.15.0.1Aimbot, Cheats, Hack packRead more
Cheat Pack for Skills by WHYPHY9.15.0.1Aimbot, Cheats, Cheat PackRead more
WOTHACKPACK9.15.0.1Aimbot, Cheats, Cheat PackRead more
AimBot by fkzcrf + eprst, Cheats, Blackwot
AimBot Achilles9.15.0.1Aimbot, Cheats, Arty, Artillery
Smooth ZoomZoom
Damage Indicator By Andre_VDamage Indicator
Bullet Damage IndicatorDamage Indicator
Precision Damage IndicatorDamage Indicator
Gun sight of tankCrosshair
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