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How to Play the IS-3

The IS-3 has more agility and speed than the German Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II, and finds itself at home engaging in close-quarters combat. While not having as thick of frontal hull armor as its German counterpart, it more than makes up for this because it is sloped and has agility. The front of its upgraded turret is also very armored and sloped, making it difficult to penetrate, and has small weak points. However, it cannot use that to hull down very well because it is small and lacks gun depression. The IS-3 is also a devastating tank up front when it is equipped with its top gun, with high alpha damage and penetration.
You don’t want to angle it like you would other tanks because it has a pike nose which is under great angle so you will not face enemy’s head on. But your lower plate is a weakness. You can play haul down as long as you don’t have to aim downwards. You shouldn’t lead a charge in a T9 or T10 game, most of those guns will punch through you’re armor except your turret in most cases. You can make money it in with a 2k damage game unless you shoot prem rounds. The IS-3 is fast enough to be a “flanking heavy”. All in all one of the best tier 8 vehicles.

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