Gox Hack Pack


INTRODUCTION: Gox Hack Pack for skills
Including all the best cheat mods: AIM bot, lasers, destroyed objects, tundra, reload timer, blind hit mod, tracer, redball, enemy direction, always blue sky, broken destructible, statistics Pack, garage in two rows, tank icons in different color, uses some of the protanki mods, highlight the premium tanks etc.

Gox Hack Pack for skills advanced

This is most advanced free cheat hack mod pack for skills currently available for download. It is giving you so much advance against your enemy that almost every time when you are in one on one battle you will win.
Destroyed objects will always show you where enemy is on the map so you can ambushed him.
Laser and reload timer will help you to decide when to attack enemy and when he is aiming you so you can hide and avoid shell.

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This mod could be forbidden, read more about Risk Disclaimer

How to install mod?


Download the latest version of mod (down below), and copy again. Clean Installation is not required, unless you encounter problems.


  • undra Key: F2
  • Chameleon Key: U
  • Broken destructible NumPad 8
  • AimBot-Shaytan NumPad 9
  • Battle Assistant Key: G
  • Contour Look (X-ray) NumPad 1
  • Lasers NumPad 7
  • Key For Repair Tracks KEY_SPACE


Delete all files located in res_mods 0.9.x


    • Nije nadograđen pogledaj gore ispod naslova pod “Category” koja je verzija, kada se kategorija podudara s verzijom igre znači da je nadograđen na najnoviju verziju.

  1. For some reason it doesn’t work anymore. At least some of the mods like: laser, destroyed objects, reload timer, white wrecks

  2. when i click battle, the game stop responding after 90% load and keep like that forever. i noticed that there’s a initialization on the corner of the screen, waiting for it to finish doesn’t solve the problem. this happens everytime i restart the game

    • E Marko ili ti Tamo ne znam tko je u životu veći prevarant, lažljivac i lopov.. jadan li ti je taj tvoj život 🙂

  3. Hello , can i get banned in WoT if i am using Gox Hack Pack , but not uploading any videos or replays to youtube or wotreplays, so just playing with them can i get banned?

    • Well it is up to WOT to decide if you are vailating game ruls. As for now there is no official banned mod list out there so 🙂

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