Frontline the Next Stop and new maps


Frontline test team is back and it is bringing you a completely new take on big battles May 11. Clash in Tier X vehicles across two new maps—the 1.2×1.2 km Grand Canyon and the 1.4×1.4 km Sunny Valley. The overall setup (victory conditions, rules, etc.) is identical to Standard and Encounter battles, the only exception being team sizes: 30 tankers per side, just like the 1st Frontline version.

They listen to players on forum and gather feedback on the original Frontline, featuring a 9 km² battlefield and unique objectives for each camp, and the team is already thinking about future enhancements. At this point, Thay will continue testing it alongside the new scenario. Primary goal now is to evaluate both options, together with you, to decide which will make the next stage.

What is Frontline?

Teams: 30 players per side. The difference in the number of Platoon players is set to two at the most. The number of SPGs is limited to six at the most per team.

It will be tight on map size 1.4 x 1.4 km for 60 players. You will be shoted from every direction on the map so you need to play smart not fast..

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