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Graphics Evolution

Is it true that World of Tanks was originally supposed to be about orcs? How did tanks come to appear in the game? How did the graphics evolve? And what updates helped the game to reach the long-awaited release 1.0? The developers are waiting to tell you about this right now!

Object 268 Version 4 – Tank Preview

Object 268 Version 4. Today QuickyBaby is on the 9.22 Test Server checking out the upcoming T10 Soviet tank destroyer the Object 268 Version 4!

9.22 Contoured Hitzone Skins by Korean Random

Korean skin with marked areas for penetration. Contour skin with zones of penetration (vulnerabilities, location modules and crew).

9.22 Hit Zones By GeneralVonRupa (tankagroh)

Hit Zones By Tankagroh Animated 6th Sense Icons

Animated 6th Sense Icons 2 variants, fully animated, works with any XVM setup
video Hangar Manager ‘HangMan’

Creating your own hangar during a battle by saving the map and tank position
video Battle Hits By Tornado

This mod is showing you exactly where have you been penned by enemy tanks (after the battle in garage) All settings in hangar menu.
video UML Utilization Project By TheFalkonett

To activate animation press the “Insert” button, and to turn off animation press “Delete” button.
Arty AutoAim Aimbot Arty AutoAim (Aimbot)

Arty Aimbot is advanced artillery aiming system for people want to cheat or want to learn the weak spots on tanks. This aimbot auto aim system will help you learn where to shoot tanks and their weak spots. It is something like tank on autopilot

Update 1.0: The Second Beta — HD Garage, Glacier Map, and Music

Beta Phase Two for Update 1.0 is here! There’s never been a better time to join the Beta.

Best Replays of the Week International #75

In this episode we have a Type 59 on a spotting mission, a Conqueror in a rolling mood and an E 50 M driver with a lot to prove.

9.22 GeeMod

Features: Automatic Mod Updater Load / Safe your Config Image / Video and Audio Preview Create and Add your own Addons Simple Enabling / Disabling of Mods WoT...



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