9.20 Aslain’s ModPack Installer

Aslain’s XVM


Aslain’s XVM Mod is XVM configuration which have been developed since the release of the game back in 2011. It’s pre-installed with vehicle icon contour mod (which is one year older than the XVM configuration!). The rest is just a mod pack; which contains various, useful mods for World of Tanks.

Aslain’s XVM is really amazing modpack installer you can choose just by clicking dozens of mods with image preview and description.
I will just quickly mention some of most used ones.

Aslain’s XVM most used

  • two/three carousel row garage
  • Battle statistic
  • In-game XVM
  • Better minimap
  • Zoom in/out
  • Targeted vehicle stats

and many more.


To install this mod, you must have administrative rights to your computer; which the installer requires in order to install all the fonts. There is an automatic process by which the Installer should detect your World of Tanks installation folder (usually located at C:/Games/World_of_Tanks by default). If the installer does not locate your WoT directory, you will have to select its location manually.

Attention: If you select an incorrect directory location, no mods will be installed!

It is recommended to select the Clean Install option during the first installation of the mod pack. This is needed in order to provide the best compatibility among all of the mods.

Please take note that if you de-select a mod within the installer without running a clean installation, the mod will still be installed as though it’s selected! DLC content will not behave like this though, and will only install if it is selected in the installer.


Download the latest version of Aslain’s mod pack (linked here), and run the installation again. The Clean Installation is not required, unless you encounter problems.


When you install DLC mods, the installer places archived copies of these mods into a separate folder labeled “aslains_downloaded_files”. The archives contain raw copies of the mods that Aslain’s Installer has placed into your res_mods folder. This is useful for advanced users who wish to find directories to certain mods, edit the mods’ files, or create a back-up copy of these mods for future reference.


Use windows uninstalling feature Control PanelAll Control Panel ItemsPrograms and FeaturesUninstall


If you experience problems such as missing stats (bad token), please follow this procedure:

1. Turn off your Game Client.
2. Go to http://www.modxvm.com/en/
3. Click “Sign-in” and login using your Wargaming ID. (Don’t worry, it’s safe.)
4. Click on the “Deactivate stats” button (found near the very top).
5. Click on the “Activate stats” button (found near the very top).
6. Launch the game and log in.
7. If you still have no stats, go back to step one and repeat the process. Make sure that you are logged into your account on the XVM website, the statistics are activated, and that there is a timer at the top bar on the website displaying how much time remains for your current XVM statistics session.


  1. Altho the installer is utterly shit. it crashes, it disrupts other apps/programs and takes forever to start and deleting old versions also takes forever unless u put them in a special folder and delete the whole folder.
    But, when its finally installed its currently the best and i suppose its holds high standard most of the time.

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