9.18 Amway921 ModPack – World of Tanks


This is not just another modpak and large assemblies, which in addition to legal and mods are the top 15 prohibited modifications.

Main features

Excellent installer with the ability to see demonstration of installed mod.
A huge number of both legal and prohibited mods are available.

Important: Some illegal mods work only a limited period, so they need to be updated frome time to time. And remember that the use of cheats you can get banned from the WG.

The installer has a menu “Keys”, where you can see what keys are controlled by illegal modifications.

Modpak included:

  • Reload timer for enemy, which can be set up directly in the installer. Now you can confidently go to the enemy, knowing that he is reloading and can’t fire.
  • The display on the minimap fallen trees and other breakable objects. Especially useful when you are left alone against multiple enemies.
  • Colored tracers (paradise for artillery).
  • laser pointer, coming out of the barrel of the enemy tank.
  • Shadow on the place where the enemy was discovered earlier.
  • Active contours enemies behind obstacles.
  • SafeShot: prevent shooting destroyed tanks.
  • Red balloons on the ground shot ART-ACS.
  • Repair with detailed configuration.

How to install mod?

This mod could be forbidden, read more about Risk Disclaimer

Download “Amway921 ModPack” amway921-modpack – Downloaded 1214 times –

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