9.10 Diclovit’s modpack



Diclovit’s modpack is a great modpack from our German colleagues Diclovit You can find out more on his blog diclovit.wordpress.com


Download the latest version of mod (down below), and copy again. Clean Installation is not required, unless you encounter problems.


Delete all files located in res_mods 0.9.x



eXtended Visualization Mod – Over Target Markers, Hitlog, combat analysis, statistics, Capture Bar and much more of the mod for World of Tanks.

XVM minimap Tank Range

Automatically generates the minimap circles for the visibility of the tank based on the Tank, occupation, skills, equipment and consumer goods.


Universal Gun Contraints display a Mod to the swivel range of artillery and tank destroyers with no tower below the crosshairs.

J1mB0’s Crosshair Mod

The most popular, most well-known and in my opinion best Crosshair for World of Tanks.

Minimalist visor

Very nice crosshair from the Russian Forum of Shtys, STL1te. All very adjustable via configuration file.

Torque Contour Icons

Alternative Contour Icons.

IXC Contour Icons

Alternative Contour Icons.

Korolins Contour Icons

Alternative Contour Icons.

HakkerLP Contour Icons

Alternative Contour Icons.

Train Fix

Malt low railway wagons a few yellow stripes on the side so you do not remain in the heat of battle always hang.

Two-line armored selection

This mod of Locastan, 4lCapwn and CS2001 provides you an extra line with tanks in the garage especially handy if you have a few more tanks in the garage.

Zoom Mod

Allows significantly more zoom out, 4 zoom levels in Sniper Mode, preventing the switch from arcade mode to Sniper mode with mouse wheel and contains a server crosshair. 4x zoom, and NOSCROLL Server crosshairs can be disable

Damage Indicator

Can locate direction of Damage from enemy.

Custom Panel Damage

Alternatives Damage panel with display and listing of incoming damage and visual and audible alarm in case of fire.

Info Panel

A panel that displays all kinds of useful information about your current target.

Session statistics

Displays in the system channel a summary of the data from the last battles on.

Sixth Sense Sound MGS

Alternative sound if you have been spotted and your commander has the ability Sixth Sense.

Sixth Sense Sound Sauron

Alternative sound if you have been spotted and your commander has the ability Sixth Sense.

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