1000 gold giveaway for wotgamer.com Facebook fans


Hello fellow tankers hope you like our new website and that we’re hang out alot.
Feel free to post any suggestions on how to improve this website or what would you want read more about.
If you find some mods here that are not been updated please let me know and i will update it as soon as I can.

Let’s talk about how to win 1000 gold!

It’s pretty simple all you need to do is follow these 3 small steps:

  1. Like our facebook fan page. Wotgamer.com
  2. Like our post on facebook “1000 gold giveaway for wotgamer.com Facebook fans“.
  3. Share our gold giveaway post “1000 gold giveaway for wotgamer.com Facebook fans” on your facebook profile.

Small hints

How can you improve your chances to get gold?
Write a short and interesting comment or post interesting photo tag your friend on it so you are noticed
You can call all your friends to help you by liking your comment on our post “1000 gold giveaway for wotgamer.com Facebook fans”

And that is all you need to do.
Gold winner will be announced 30.11.2015. on our fan page Wotgamer.com when we decide who has put the most effort to win gold.
If we see that you are interested in these gold prizes we will continue this game next month.

And don’t forget you can be the winner you never know.

Only for EU server!


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